Thursday, 16 December 2010

A cultural collection of websites

I thought I'd share my favourite websites with you that I keep going back to at the moment. One is French, another Mexican and the last one is Scandinavian, I'm feeling quite multicultural this Christmas!

An Angel at my Table
This website describes itself as 'French style quirky and unusual accessories and painted furniture' and is a small family business run by a team of 6 including the dog.

They stock eccentric and quintessentially french products from jewellery to vases. My favourite item changes each week but what with needing some bloom in winter these silk flower cuts are a sweet reminder of spring days. They are priced at £9.50 for all three.

Based in London's East end this Mexican shop is an injection of Latin American energy, its name refers to religious folk charms. The shop was established out of a love for the country and has a nice story behind its beginnings "In 1990 Tom travelled in an old Saab from California to Mexico. He was swept away by the beauty of the county and the bold, colourful and strange aesthetic qualities in their Art and Craft. He abandoned a career in academia and returned a year later to established Milagros."

I am slightly in love with their wedding bunting 'paper pricardo' which is hand cut paper streamers. Have the wedding just for the streamers! Priced at £6 for 6m of streamers.

Mit Hus Home
I have already blogged about this gem of a site but perhaps I didn't do it justice as I just blathered on about stags ornaments (yep that flame of obsession hasn't calmed down yet either!) The website and catalogue specialises in Scandinavian inspired accessories for the home, garden and gifts and is a refreshing antidote to all the Cath Kidstonising going on in many people's homes.

This Nordic tea pot gets my heart fluttering very earthy and natural. It's priced at £29.95 including VAT.


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