Thursday, 18 November 2010

More Skandinavian style...dribble dribble lust sigh

My main obsessions in interiors are eccentric bits and pieces rather than overall 'look', though I suppose that could be called a style in itself? The new eclecticism? Hmm more magpie nest in my case!
Anyway I am seriously coveting, in no precise order; glass bell jars, stag head mounts (not taxidermy ones, find them slightly creepy and generally wrong), silver stag ornaments, quilts, cable knit cushions, wide board warm walnut wood flooring and homemade felt style Christmas decorations. If my head were a magpies nest this would be what it looks like right now..mmm!

I just came across this amazing website which sources all products Scandinavian, from jewellery to home interiors items. But I literally have my heart set on these cast aluminum stag and deer and for £16.95 for the large one (20cmx9cmxh17cm) and only £8.95 for the small deer (15cmx6cmxh14cm) they are not to be overlooked!

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