Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Wizard dressing

So after writing that post yesterday and emphasising getting to the point and all that jazz, I was rudely interrupted to go and watch my third graduation ceremony. Yet another event which was a blur of weepy parents, ancient chancellors in fancy robes, tingly hands from clapping and a foggy head after the complimentary glass of fizz. Oh so I am being a bit cool and objective but it is hard not to after three of them!

Though I must admit when it is you stood up there waiting for your name to ring out in the monotone call of names, and you are getting a bit sweaty worrying about your mini catwalk to the crusty old intellectual, and do your heels match your hood. Suddenly your name barges into your thoughts of you thinking you look like a member of Hogwarts and you mechanically trot out beaming in front of the crowd. It all feels quite worth it and that gown feels quite powerful. It also looks quite good swishing out behind you when you are striding about in a Loreal for gowns kind of way.

Anyway, I am currently sat in a small hostel in Budapest, typing on a keyboard made in the Communist era so I apologise for any poor grammar. What I will call my stream of consciousness (or really verbal diarrhoea( cant find other bracket there! will attempt to discuss any moments of cultural interest, with a fashion direction, that I come across on my travels in Eastern Europe.

I am slightly groggy from a nap and half listening to my boyfriends irritated call to the airport demanding his lost bag. Here would be a good point to end this unstructured drivel, wash the furry animal out of my mouth that creeps in when I sleep and be a caring girlfriend.