Monday, 26 January 2009

Urban jungle turns vicious

This is a pic of my friend's shoe after the escalator ate his shoe and spat it out. Though this pic looks bad, his shoe was already in a poor state, as boy logic went along the lines of 'don't get a new pair until the old ones fall apart'. Literally!

Boys are made of slugs, snails and..Air Nike Max's

Leaving London Bridge station and striding into the murky underworld of the Borough the other night, I was confronted by a gang of young boys blocking the pavement. Feeling pretty street savvy I simply nudged my way through the barrier of hoodies until stopped by their tiny leader. I glared at short stuff and he glared back, then he squeakily piped up with 'got a fag'. It wasn't exactly a question. 'Er, no' was my equally intelligent reply... and then short stuff shoulder barged me. I was so mad at being accosted for fags then shoulder barged for lack or unwillingness to part with them that I turned round and gave him a mouthful Gordon Ramsey would blush at. With my dignity in tact, my next actions were to run from fear of being stabbed!

A week later, I am in my local supermarket with the boyfriend and out of the corner of my eye, I spy a short stuff look-a-like swaggering down the row towards us. Just as I'm about to hide behind a passing trolley, short stuffs evil twin gives the boyfriend a once over, then while maintaining his saunter, he gives a Fonzie-like 'eyyy' and simply says 'nice Nikes'.

I'm sorry what? Its obvious my shoes are not street worthy and my credibility 'wiv da kidz' is taking a nose dive from my poor taste in footwear. Perhaps I should let Boris know about my new found discovery, could solve all the knife crime in London.

So I have consulted with the bf on good sneaker shops/websites and decided to share the love so you can mostly look good but also be stab free :)

Size is an awesome shop for cool sneakers and trainers, from Converse, Vans, Treetorn, Nike, Addidas etc but Office is good for prices. This is my favourite pair- introducing the Nike zoom Blazer Mid women's shoe in blue/white with white leather detailing and woven suede and turquoise blue on the side, around £59.99 at its lowest price.
Also and do original different versions of old classics.