Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Barcelona fashion

While on holiday in Barcelona with my mum we stumbled upon a brilliant fashion photography exhibition 'Outumuro Looks: Twenty years photographing fashion 1990-2010'. It was a collection of 200 images from the Galician fashion photographer Manueal Outumuro's glamorous collection.

Outumuro has worked with the world's most infamous models and for the most prestigious brands and clients shooting for glossy magazines and campaigns. His work was divided into six different areas: Surroundings, Portraits, Black and White, Sequences, Poses and Attitudes and Celebrities. I just took a few sneaky shots on my mobile camera so apologies for the dodgy yellow hue.

'The locations used for the photographs, together with the treatment of light and the poses of the models, are defining features of the photographer's style. Grand natural spaces, chaotic urban spaces and spectacular architectures are occupied by still or moving figures that merge with their surroundings.'

'Moody close-ups of pensive personalities, evocations of the portraits of Renaissance painting and the early works of the pioneers of photography, these pictures focus attention on the clothes and accessories that complement faces accentuated by make-up and expression.'

'The abstraction of two-dimensional bodies clothed in black and white against a background devoid of colour. The volumes are flattened, the greys are contrasted and the lines are sharpened. Everything takes on a geometric clarity that takes us back to the photographer's early years as a graphic designer.'
'In the photographs in this section Manuel Outumuro conjures up the cinema, which has so often inspired him in his work. The exhibition also includes a short film created especially for this room by Isabel Cioxet, a compilation of excerpts from some of the photographer's favourite films.'

'The model photographed as focus of attraction. The gestures and movements place a new emphasis on the clothes and their relationship to the body. We share this room with timeless personages who come and go, their indolent attitudes and sophisticated poses baring the soul of fashion.'
'In this room we appreciate the magnetism that fashion exercises in great actresses, top models and other famous people. Outstanding personalities from a variety of fields disport themselves with joyful spontaneity in the latest creations from the most celebrated designers.'

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The gentlewoman

Like an albatross about my neck I feel perpetually guilty for not tending to the needs of my blog. Though the word backlog when chopped into is virtually an anagram for blog... so perhaps I'll just febreeze through the rotting animal stench of my absence and like a mother bird to her young regurgitate her findings. Ouf I feel a bit sick after all that! These scans of the first issue of The Gentlewoman, from the creators of the style bible Fantastic Man, will help dispel any queasy stomachs.

Apologies for the lack of photo order but blogger is playing up so in no chronological sequence is; the front cover featuring Phoebe Philo, the head designer of French fashion label Celine, Sarah Perez the chief winemaker behind Mas Martinet and Venus Vineyards in northeast Spain, Princess Julia the 80s iconic DJ, a series of updos titled 'Knots' created by the expertise of Peter Gray a renowned celebrity hair stylist and a page from the photshoot 'Tall 'n Small' featuring Marta and Sofia and photographed by Daniel Riera with styling by Jodie Barnes.