Thursday, 23 June 2011

DIY: How to make a woven bracelet

Apologies for my absence! I have been settling into the Somerset way of life and my new role of Trends Analyst for Clarks sports footwear. To make up for it here is a little DIY post on how to make a woven bracelet like designer jeweller Aurelie Bidermann (except mine is a bargainous £5!) So this is not my own idea but attempted from the fabulous website Honestly WTF centre of all things hot right now, if you haven't heard of this website ch ch check it out a la Beastie Boys.

This was Honestly WTF blogger Erica's stunning result

Though for us Brits it has to be adapted slightly so you will need: a Primark bangle (£2.50) with large links to thread easily,4x coloured embroidery threads, keep them in tonal shades for diversity, 2x hair pins, scissors, a mate with steady hands.

Lay your bracelet out and measure your thread out keeping in 4x the length of the chain bracelet. Do this for the 4 coloured sets of thread.

Measure out your 30 threads, 2 in one colour way and 2 sets of 15 in another colour way to contrast. Tie in knot with 2 inches spare and separate with 2 hair pins.

Weave the inside thread under the first link and then cross the outside thread over and keep it in the same link (each thread goes once into every link)

My friend Becky and I wove round both sides of the chain to give a mega colourful effect. When finished tie in one big knot and trim your ends.

Happy braiding!