Monday, 12 January 2009

Sit tight or put up a fight?

I cannot apologise enough for my lack of presence since the 29th Dec 2008! I wish I could say it's been because I have jet setting about the globe attending luxurious parties etc! No, no I have been staring at a computer screen finishing a project for my first day back at LCF. Being amongst interactive human beings again has almost been a shock to my virtual reality hibernated hedgehog self!

Another big kick in the post Christmas pants is how expensive London is and realising how irretrievably we are now in the deceptively tasty breakfast cereal sounding economic disaster, known as the credit crunch. What a mouthful! And probably the only thing that is full, have you noticed how the January magazines are much slimmer due to advertising not being needed and also how new stock in shops is being held back at the moment?

Anyway I am going to dish out my own crafty tips to help deal with this pinch on your wallet, so that your ride through recession/generally being a bit skint is more smooth sailing then titanic tragedy.

This may sound ridiculous but when was the last time you visited your local library? Membership is free, DVD hire is uber cheap, they even have magazine subscriptions! Plus what was that comfy knitted cardigan perfect for if not the library!

On a more fashion-esque level, if your wardrobe is completely dull and needs some fresh items, you should swap or make a temporary loan with a friend of a similar size! I'm very fortunate as my sister is my size, though you should borrow with their consent as mad raging sisters/friends can be a bad consequence!

Beauty products always hurt the pocket and yet are always so necessary, however you should try these alternatives such as using olive oil (for dark hair only, it stains fair hair) as an intensive one off hair conditioning mask or mixing your moisturiser with your liquid foundation to make it go further.

Otherwise there is always the feisty approach to thrifty shoppers out there, unleash the Del-boy inside and bargain in shops! This bartering style of shopping is more for electrical goods shops and I wouldn't recommend going into your local Topshop and saying, 'I'll give you a pound for this's my best offer!'