Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dotty about my potty

Tim Burton makes a 3D movie about it with Johnny Depp, Gaga carries hers everywhere with her and I have recently fallen head over heels for one. I'm talking about a fascination with drinking tea and all it's accompaniments and my obsession with my new tea pot. It's blue with white polka dots and pours like a dream.

Us Brits are a nation of tea drinkers and according to my new favourite website we drink 165,000,000 cups a day, that's a lot of brewing. Having perused the site I learned that it wasn't until the 1840s that drinking tea became popular with the Duchess of Bedfordshire starting the craze by reviving herself from that sinking feeling one gets in the afternoon with a cuppa. She began inviting her friends over for a chinwag, a sarnie and a brew and suddenly all of England was mad for tea parties!
These are just a few tea party accessories which I found on ebay and

Lately this quintessential tradition has had a surge of interest with the blue rinse brigade having to fight over their usual table with trendy youths! It seems nostalgia for our tea drinking culture has been invigorated and the reflection in fashion is apparent. Although the tea dress hasn't been spotted on the catwalk since spring 2009 it is forever in fashion as it is so flattering to all shapes and sizes. Cut on the bias to cling and swish and decorated in floral, dotty or bright patterns it is perfect for the current Alice in Wonderland fever.

TK-Maxx £14.99

Fever Cezanne side lace dress £74.99 floral tea dress in poweder blue £20