Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The gentlewoman

Like an albatross about my neck I feel perpetually guilty for not tending to the needs of my blog. Though the word backlog when chopped into is virtually an anagram for blog... so perhaps I'll just febreeze through the rotting animal stench of my absence and like a mother bird to her young regurgitate her findings. Ouf I feel a bit sick after all that! These scans of the first issue of The Gentlewoman, from the creators of the style bible Fantastic Man, will help dispel any queasy stomachs.

Apologies for the lack of photo order but blogger is playing up so in no chronological sequence is; the front cover featuring Phoebe Philo, the head designer of French fashion label Celine, Sarah Perez the chief winemaker behind Mas Martinet and Venus Vineyards in northeast Spain, Princess Julia the 80s iconic DJ, a series of updos titled 'Knots' created by the expertise of Peter Gray a renowned celebrity hair stylist and a page from the photshoot 'Tall 'n Small' featuring Marta and Sofia and photographed by Daniel Riera with styling by Jodie Barnes.