Monday, 31 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival

Sticky hot sunshine, blasting whistles, billowing barbecue smoke, tight bright clothes, shuffling, stomping, dancing crowds.

How to style yourself Notting Hill festival fashion........

Got nothing in your wardrobe that's yellow, red or green? Grab your grass skirt and accessorise with alive snake.

Make sure you outdo your mates in dressing bright like a pack of refresher sweets bright.

Ignore the loud trends and hold onto your decorum doing pencil pleated skirts with a whiff of ladylike chic.
Wear one colour and wear it loud.
If this isn't enough then also let your bum cheeks catch the cool breeze too.

Hawaiian shirts and a bottle of rum is an absolute classic look.

All the above fails roll yourself a spliff and go with the flow.

Ahh domestic kitsch!

I am no longer an Ikea Virgin! Suprisingly I loved the trip and it felt strangely familiar as I spotted objects from friends homes and reminded me of when my sister and I were little and used to play in show rooms...the bathroom and the toilet role playing was always the most amusing!

The oh so perfect Swedish design made me want to look for inspiration in our little flat and I realised quite how many primary colours we have and how many kitsch random bits of decor we have! Here's a few images from when I played around with my camera today.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

I have the stuff that you want I am the thing that you need...

Well! I actually can't believe I've been so lazy, ahem, busy busy busy to have not blogged since May!

May is so two months ago, since then the King of Pop has been plucked upstairs by the big diamond encrusted glove in the sky, festival season is drawing to an end, it is currently pissing it down, the bright poppy colours of summer fashion are being replaced by darker autumnal hues and the barbecue has been swapped for bangers and mash.

These are some pictures I had from an exhibition at The Design Museum of Dutch designers' Victor and Rolf's mini me doll collection called 'The House of Victor and Rolf' where classic pieces of their designs are recreated in dolls sized perfection. Awe inspiring and yet slightly scary porcelain dolls which kind of bring back memories of old sleepover boogie tales!

I recently went on a weekend away to Eastbourne, a favourite getaway for the blue rinse brigade. I might have well travelled via the flux capacitor with Dr Emmett Brown (Back to the Future-durr!) as pints were priced at £1.20, the Sartorialist would have had trouble shooting anything more fashionable then Sylvia's store for the truly stylish, and in keeping with the idea of dolls I came across this basket of Golly wogs for sale in the tourist shop! I honestly thought Robertson's jam had hidden every last one in a long hold storage unit in Skegness but I was wrong!

I have also traded in geek chic, moth balls, sensible shoes and the dewey decimal system for a fashion based networking website for young girls. I am currently organising the first ever young people's fashion event at London Fashion Week, it's all very exciting, stressful and involves lots of late night head scratching of what to wear and many conversations involving name dropping 'Oh yes the head of the British fashion Council and her daughter, oh and you know the people at Vogue'. For now it's all a bit hush hush but I'll have pictures soon!