Sunday, 18 October 2009

Christopher Kane S/S 10

Sorry about the poor video recording from my phone, our camera man (from Stardoll) wasn't let in, as is often the way as LFW is mass confusion and crossed wires.

So the Christopher Kane show; I was third row and all shiny and expectant looking, like a hormonal teenager at a squeeky clean pop concert. I desperately attempted conversation with my neighbour, who happened to be the fashion editor of Tank magazine, excitedly pointing out the celebs on the front row, big mistake don't act suprised to be sitting behind Erin O'Conner just discuss the risks of making the stairs in spiked heels.

This show had a number of demi-Gods in the Fashion world, including the ever chic Joan Collins who was resplendent as only an ex-Dynasty icon can be in shimmering turquoise. She was sat near Christopher Kane's Gran and mum who appeared very down to earth and were grumbling at the fashion pack attempting to squeeze in on their row.

As for the collection itself, it was an unusual theme of The Brady bunch, think Gingham check, meets Anne of Green Gables, er again think gingham check. It was a little bit disappointing after all the seasons of wild animals, mirrored squares and madness of the Flintstones that come to mind when thinking of a Christopher Kane show. Yet it was still controversial with the use of that schoolgirl familiar print combined with a loose sexuality of messy hair, neutral make-up and thigh high splits in the dresses.

When asking my neighbour what she thought of it all, she replied curtly 'well that was a non event', before sashaying of to stand nonchalantly with a crowd of VIPs. Indeed!

Here are some after the show snaps of super models Natalia Vodianova and Erin O'Conner and fashion blogger Diane Pernot.

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