Monday, 31 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival

Sticky hot sunshine, blasting whistles, billowing barbecue smoke, tight bright clothes, shuffling, stomping, dancing crowds.

How to style yourself Notting Hill festival fashion........

Got nothing in your wardrobe that's yellow, red or green? Grab your grass skirt and accessorise with alive snake.

Make sure you outdo your mates in dressing bright like a pack of refresher sweets bright.

Ignore the loud trends and hold onto your decorum doing pencil pleated skirts with a whiff of ladylike chic.
Wear one colour and wear it loud.
If this isn't enough then also let your bum cheeks catch the cool breeze too.

Hawaiian shirts and a bottle of rum is an absolute classic look.

All the above fails roll yourself a spliff and go with the flow.

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