Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Will you be my Valentines?

Valentines day is looming. For single people it fills them with dread, fearing their solitary status will change meaning in a day from independently minded a la Fearne Cotton to social reject a la Dean Gaffney (I'm not sure why he always springs to mind, my Eastenders knowledge is so out of date it's vintage now!). For partnered up couples you suddenly have to jump through romantic hoops to prove your undying love for your better half. It all has a hum of desperation worse then a slap dash wedding in Vegas with an ex glamour model and a reality TV winner...ahem!

I would rather take note from these wise words of Dame Lady Andrews, who when not prancing on hills warbling about her love for a certain tanned captain actually spouted some fairly cynical stuff:

Hmm, maybe she would have been chirpier if she'd saved her pennies on sentimental valentines cards and choccies and just headed to the shops for some classic fail safe retail therapy.

Look how much happier she is for hitting Accessorize and picking up this pretty vintage printed tote bag for £32.

Julie even brought along her best friend Audrey to cheer her up with some girly shopping. Audrey found these L'Amour earrings from Accessorize to add a touch of romance to her outfit and Julie bagged this hot pink capped sleeved number from asos for £36 and added the elegance with this beaded pearl bag from Hobbs from £89.See how their happy hormones are flowing and the misery of Valentines day is forgotten! Hoorah!

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