Monday, 18 January 2010

Animal instincts

This last year hasn't been by any standards light, with economic downfall, terrorists popping up just about everywhere and the end of Gavin and Stacey on TV, us Brits have taken a few knocks. It is therefore understandable that we might look to fashion for light relief, Elsa Schiaparelli is quoted as saying "In difficult times fashion is always outrageous" and in acknowledgement of the trend of dressing as animals she has certainly hit the psychological nail on the Freudian head.

When I say dressing as animals I'm not referring to the perfectly acceptable if a little tired trend of animal prints. Everyone has some subtle animal printed item in their wardrobe and if they like to unleash their wilder side a la Bet Gilroy, the legendary leopard spotted busty barmaid of Coronation Street, then a whole ensemble from bag to shoes and ideally a mac in a loud jungle print can be found amongst their coat hangers.

Many designers have in recent years had a flirtation with animal dressing, Jean Charles De Catslebajac is someone who never seems to be able to leave it alone. For his A/W 09 collection among muppet dresses he had an equestrian sweater, complete with mane style arm fringing. For this years S/S 10 collection he had a pirate themed look and even had a model dressed as a parrot. Shifting away from exotic animals Marc Jacobs brought our attention back to the humble rabbit with his A/W 09 collection for Luis Vuitton in which models hopped (sorry) down the catwalk, their heads adorned with a pair of silky ears.
From catwalk to celebrity to the public goes the trickle down effect, however mad the original collection is, and never one to stay behind Madonna got papped first and slated by the style press instantly for her bunny bonce 'do.

Animal dressing is undoubtedly one of the side effects of a country which has lost its courage and has been subjected to freakishly cold weather. People are literally reverting into toddlers actively choosing to wear animal themed adult romper suits and cutesy animal hats and ears. In public. No longer a symbol of two extreme industries; the playboy bunnies and the baby clothing retail outlets, the fashion pack have taken animal fancy dressing on as their own.

Fashion influences have also infiltrated from over the pond with the Japanese obsession for animal romper suits infecting perfectly sane style setters.

Well nearly sane anyway. These suits are made by Japanese company Kigu and are apparently the latest craze in Japan worn for street cred or pyjamas and the brand name is short for 'kigurumi' meaning to dress up as an animal costumed character.

For those of you who think maybe dressing head to toe as a frog, badger or some other character from Farthing Wood might be frowned upon at the office perhaps opt for a slightly more toned down look. Animal head caps have been snatched from the heads of babes and rammed onto fashion conscious adults keen to keep cute during the cold. This look has been particularly well done by the ever unconventional Katy Perry.

Sunglasses, a celebrity style staple help to add a certain nonchalance and indifference to her childish head gear, 'I've got a panda on my head, so what?'
If this trend of animal dressing trend is something you want to have a go at, then head to River Island where you can pick up Katy's very own panda beanie for a reasonable £12.
Animal dressing is cute, childish, and comfortable. It's tempting.

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