Monday, 26 January 2009

Boys are made of slugs, snails and..Air Nike Max's

Leaving London Bridge station and striding into the murky underworld of the Borough the other night, I was confronted by a gang of young boys blocking the pavement. Feeling pretty street savvy I simply nudged my way through the barrier of hoodies until stopped by their tiny leader. I glared at short stuff and he glared back, then he squeakily piped up with 'got a fag'. It wasn't exactly a question. 'Er, no' was my equally intelligent reply... and then short stuff shoulder barged me. I was so mad at being accosted for fags then shoulder barged for lack or unwillingness to part with them that I turned round and gave him a mouthful Gordon Ramsey would blush at. With my dignity in tact, my next actions were to run from fear of being stabbed!

A week later, I am in my local supermarket with the boyfriend and out of the corner of my eye, I spy a short stuff look-a-like swaggering down the row towards us. Just as I'm about to hide behind a passing trolley, short stuffs evil twin gives the boyfriend a once over, then while maintaining his saunter, he gives a Fonzie-like 'eyyy' and simply says 'nice Nikes'.

I'm sorry what? Its obvious my shoes are not street worthy and my credibility 'wiv da kidz' is taking a nose dive from my poor taste in footwear. Perhaps I should let Boris know about my new found discovery, could solve all the knife crime in London.

So I have consulted with the bf on good sneaker shops/websites and decided to share the love so you can mostly look good but also be stab free :)

Size is an awesome shop for cool sneakers and trainers, from Converse, Vans, Treetorn, Nike, Addidas etc but Office is good for prices. This is my favourite pair- introducing the Nike zoom Blazer Mid women's shoe in blue/white with white leather detailing and woven suede and turquoise blue on the side, around £59.99 at its lowest price.
Also and do original different versions of old classics.

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