Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Paris is worth every (weakening) pound

I have recently got back from a mini break in Paris and I am seriously in love.

I confess that I am head over heels for the Parisian style of dressing and their general attitude to fashion! In the Beauborg quarter, which is situated on the right bank, people were sporting a number of looks; from the truly odd in red wigs and 50's style tea dresses to the truly fashion forward in over sized specs, Doc Martins and low drop crotch trousers.

In this quarter there was also a number of second hand and vintage shops secreted in the winding streets. These shops were stuffed, more than your dad after his Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, with absolute retro bargains and even though the Pound is being sat on by it's fatter sister the Euro right now, there was still some gems to be found.

My favourite finds were some 80's mohair jumpers embellished with patterns of sequins, diamonds and sparkly appliqued designs for an eclectic take on this season's woolly must haves. Though static hair and stray fluff in the eyes/nose did make it a challenging wear!

I also came across a fantastic Aladdin's cave of a shop on the hill of Monmatre; it was impossible to get round from all the piles of fur coats, puffed sleeves and random bowler hats, there was a definite smell of mothballs and your eyes were straining in the dim lighting to make out the labels. Perfect conditions for a valuable find! If only I hadn't needed to catch my plane home I would have snapped up more than a pair of silk scarves!

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